Sunday, February 26, 2006

thanksgiving, williams, and a big tree!

I've never loved Thanksgiving more than I do this year! (and no it's not just becase I'm a poor hungry college student who loves food... although that might be part of it ;)...) I just got up and now I'm drinking a nice hot cup of coffee and I don't have to go get ready for classes..... ahhhh so nice! in a little while I'm gonna go play me some football :D and then eat a lot of food. Can it get better? lol maggie is watching Barbie and the Nutcracker right now... she's so cute. and getting soo big! my goodness... lol. maybe I'll have to put some pics up, cause you know i love pictures :). I love the music from the Nutcracker! Hilary and I went down to Phoenix to see it last year. It was good... I really just wanted to hear the music but the ballerina's shoes had wood in the points and every time they walked it made a loud noise lol... oh well. 
 So I just have to say, that the huge christmas tree in the middle of second street in town is absolutely fantastic! Seriously, it's amazing. Only in Williams would they put a huge tree in the middle of the street. it is huge too, they had to bring it in on the train, and it literally takes up the whole street. Of course, in what other town does someone get shot on main street every night? I think it's funny that they (I'm not really sure who "they" are but they are always doing something but anyways..) want to turn williams into Christmastown USA lol. (they're kinda crazy like that) outdoor ice-skating rink and all. I certainly wouldn't complain of course. So Williams could become a route 66, western, grand canyon, Christmastown, amusement park town full of retirees and californians who only live here for like two months of the year (and drive the wrong way on the streets and actually go the speed limit grrrr!). (yea I told you they are crazy, this is all Their ideas. oy) well life is interesting here in the small town of Williams. (hehe apparently the new controversy is on whether the teens of Williams should be allowed to "cruise" the town. Let me tell you, this is HUGE! (and mostly because of Them.) of course, if it turns out that you can't cruise anymore, I really don't know what everyone will do. Because this is all that they do lol.) well I'm going to go make the rolls then play some football!

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