Sunday, February 26, 2006

the usual

Well here I am sitting in my new apartment sipping peppermint tea and watching Finding Neverland. It is lovely, very. It is nice to have our own place with my own furniture and dishes and whatnot. It feels like a place I can belong to. Our stuff fits perfectly, we’d been afraid we’d never get it all in here. It is full of candles and books stuffed here and there and an amazing picture ?. I must admit, I will kind of miss my drives to and from work. It was nice to have some time all to myself to think (or not think) and to enjoy the beautiful gift God gave us, the world and all that’s good in it. A few times I was able to watch both the sunrise and the sunset on the same day. It made me wonder why we (myself included, alas for Gilmore Girls…) will make it a point to see our favorite tv shows, even sometimes schedule our lives around it, but we never take the time to watch the sunset. God paints intricate sunrises and sunsets every day just for us and we hardly ever take the time to enjoy it with Him. It’s a shame. And then there’s the stars, those beautiful dancing stars that cheer up what would be a vast oppressive darkness every night. 
 So I just finished reading like three or four books on not dating, or at least dating differently and they were pretty good. I think my favorite was Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. She has become one of my heroes along with Amy Carmichael, both amazing women. She has a very unique love story, and I’m going to tell it to you so get ready. She was in her senior year of college I believe and God called her to a “season of singleness”. All very well and good, she struggled with it of course. She didn’t know if it was to be for a short time or for life (ahhh!!) A few months later she met Jim (about whon they are making a movie which is to come out soon!) well, they became really good friends, and inevitably fell in love. He had also been called to be single, because he was going to South America as a missionary where they wouldn’t accept married men because it was too dangerous. A year after they had met he told her he loved her, and that they couldn’t do anything about it, not even write. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like for a few months let alone what turned out to be around 6 years I think. Six years of being in love with someone you might or might not see once or twice a year, and only could write to occasionally. Talk about faith. Well, they did get married eventually and served as missionaries for I think 3 years. And then what happened? He was killed by the natives he was serving. And that is when I would go crazy. Maybe she did for a while, I don’t know. But she kept her amazingly strong faith in God and He’s used her to help other people who think they have it hard. Ha. After that what could possibly seem hard? Well anyways it’s a good book which I would recommend to anyone no matter what their views on dating are. 
 I also really liked Boy Meets Girl, by the same guy who wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye (which I never read all the way…). That one explained more of what I wanted to know. What happens when you meet someone and God tells you you may marry them? Perhaps I will explain that later. If you’re curious I’d be glad to talk about it though. I’m still sorting through everything. I have a while of course. I’m only 18 (as much as I’d like to pretend I’m old and whatnot I do know that 18 is still very young, which is ok), and I don’t plan on being married for quite a while. I’ve got things to do. Places to see. Lol. (and lots and lots of things to learn, such as How to write shorter blogs haha…)

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