Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I may have to start writing about the customers that come into the coffee shop where I work, they’re pretty fascinating ;)..

For instance, a guy came in the other day, he works at Starbucks. Now I know you are feeling that immense pity we should all feel for those who work at Starbucks and think they actually make coffee, but hey, there is a bright spot in the poor guy’s life: he has the good taste to come to a real coffee shop.

Yesterday a man came in the door and walked inside past the counter, came back and gave me a dollar. No drink, just a dollar. Apparently he’s infamous for stealing the tip money and all of the baristas automatically hide the jar when they see him. He gives you money to distract you then tries to take it when you’re not looking. Interesting tactics… (oh and no, he did not get the money, it was hidden)

If you happen to hear a loud rumbling noise, don’t worry, it’s not an organized attack by giant killer bees who got tired of people stealing their honey and finally formed a union; it’s just the motor on the back of one customer’s bicycle. Mmhmm, yea, he put a motor on the back of his bike. Some people say crazy, strange and well, nerdy, but I say ingenious! People won’t get all sweaty and nasty by toiling away under the hot sun. that means less showers, which means Flagstaff won’t run out of water and have to import water from somewhere else, and that somewhere then won’t run out of water either which would cause them to import water also, thus causing a vicious cycle. And I am one of those “I knew him when” people. Who, him? Oh yea, I made his coffee.. totally knew him back in the day.. no biggie..

Well, I have more, but they’ll wait for another night. wouldn’t want to overwhelm you, what with the ocean’s eleven guy and the upcoming inventor..

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crickl's nest said...

heeheeheehee...the guy with a motor "bike"....hahahahaa.....aaaaaaahahahahahaha