Thursday, July 13, 2006


Is my life changing before my very eyes? Yes it is. When did it change? Oh.. a couple days ago.. Ok so it's not ALL changing, it just feels like it is. It's changing just enough to satisfy that wanderlust I get sometimes.

I was offered a job by someone I know this last weekend. He and his wife work in a real estate office which is actually his business. They need someone for about four hours a day doing office work, and here's the best part: 9 dollars an hour. It's a lot better than what I'm making now, and it's way less stress, and my boss is a christian. I told my boss at the preschool today.. thing is, I'm the third girl who'll be leaving after this summer (and another girl has been considering it..) So I felt kinda bad, but it had to be done. I'll miss my kids, but they are almost all leaving anyways to go to kindergarten.

Other big change (probably..): I'm leaving NAU for CCC. It's soo much less expensive! The education is not much different, most of the professors there are also professors at NAU; it doesn't make any difference job-wise after I graduate, and if I need to go back to NAU all of my credits will transfer. I feel way at peace about it in a way I've never felt about NAU.

I'll also be moving into the townhouse in about a month (of course, this isn't really a new thing). I'll be living by myself for the first time.. kind of looking forward to it, kind of apprehensive, but mostly excited actually. It's a much nicer place, two bedrooms as opposed to none, and it's in a MUCH nicer neighborhood :D.. AND it's much cheaper! woohoo!

Ok, switching gears now.. I turned 19 this week. not a whole lot different from 18, but it does sound a little better. My friends threw me a "surprise" party last night (totally knew about it..) and it was fun. I got a scrapbook from one of my friends and I am very much looking forward to becoming a scrapbook junkie (if that's what it's called).

Well it's been fun, really it has, but I must be off. I just have to say.. OH the weight that is off my shoulders! This is good...

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