Saturday, October 28, 2006

50th post

I thought I'd share some of my favorite things with you for my 50th post...

1. My family...

2. chai tea (only the good stuff) group hug style, and a half breve double latte with one sugar in the raw mmmm!

3. the smell of leaves in the fall, playing in them, looking at them, crunching them... pine needles just aren't the same..

4. christmas stuff! the smells (christmas trees, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon...), the sights (the lights, the decorations, the happy faces, the snow!), the sounds (Michael W Smith's christmas music, caroling, the quietness of the world covered in snow, bells on sleighs) and the traditions (decorating the tree and drinking "christmas punch").. Oh I do love Christmastime!

5. Along with that one, I love ice skating.. it's almost like swinging to me (I love swinging too, best form of therapy!)..

6. Rainy camping trips in Colorado. Hiking in the rain to the waterfalls.. sitting in a hammock for hours with a book.. hobo stew.. crazy gypsies singing songs... the mountain pass roads.. ice cream in Lake City.. sheep everywhere.. wildflowers too.

7. Good books. Favorites: David Copperfield, Persuasion, Chronicles of Narnia, Little Women, Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, and Blue Like Jazz. (the Bible was a given..) These are best read on a chair by a fireplace with a handful of gingersnaps ;)..

8. Sleeping outside under the stars! with lots and lots of blankets and good conversations.

9. Little kids. I love little kids! One of the best things in the world is holding a child, it makes everything ok. I miss my million hugs a day at the preschool! They are so very special, those little ones..

10. My dad's voice. Playing guitar by a fire and singing hymns.. Bursting into song on Sunday mornings.. the Christmas song every Christmas eve... the most comforting sound in the world.

11. Laughing ourselves silly at the dinner table (poor dad) over little things and memories.

12. Candles! Don't know why, I just like them a lot.

13. Scarves. I like those a lot too. And sweaters.. warm and oh so soft! and mittens when the steering wheel is cold. and warm socks! and fireplaces.. and hot chocolate.. and I'm kinda cold right now... hmm

14. Soft pretzels. So hard to resist! I'd much rather have a pretzel than chocolate. But then, I can't say I love chocolate all the much, so maybe that's not a good comparison. It would've sounded good if I hadn't just said all that. But I did. Now you know my secret. I really do like pretzels though. A lot.

15. The sky.. it fascinates me. It's always a reminder to me of the One who sees me.. Especially on days when there's not a cloud in sight! Or there are clouds, and they're big and fluffy. Or at night when the stars are out.

16. Good music. Different music for different moods. Laid back, relax, beautiful days: Rich Mullins, Brandon Heath, Jack Johnson, etc. Crazy, energetic, hot days: Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard, Blindside, Flyleaf, etc. Barlowgirl, Bethany Dillon, and Sara Groves for some encouragement and rejuvenation. Worship music: Enter the Worship Circle, Jars of Clay (1st cd), David Crowder, and Michael Gungor. Country and disney on road trips. Billie Holiday, Ella, Bing Crosby, and Rosemary Clooney for oldies. Tchaichovsky and Saint Saens for classical. And then of course, MWS and Amy Grant for christmas. Then last, but not least, Devo for anytime haha! whip it good!

17. Pick-a-nicks. At Buckskinner on friday afternoons. French bread, string cheese, capri suns and apples. Good times.

18. Gentlemen. Opening doors for girls, being respectful (RESPECT lol), etc.

19. Singing 'Ain't no mountain high' into a hairbrush first thing in the morning. yes, my roomie thinks I'm crazy. but, she gets some laughs, and what better way to start the morning??

20. Random road trips. Whether it be to Jerome, the courthouse in Prescott, or In n Out at midnight, or up Bill Williams to watch the sunrise. Still planning the sunset trip to sunset point.

21. People watching at Macy's. And soy chai's... and hummus sandwiches... mmm

22. You've Got Mail with my mom. mossy...

23. Cherry Limades from Braum's. very tasty. so's the ice cream. first stop we make every year on our way to Oklahoma. (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain)

24. Finding clothes at Savers. It's like a treasure hunt... so exciting...

25. My trail up the mountain. (yes, it is mine. I claim it. well, Emma may claim some of it too...) Running down it and singing songs. makes for an interesting picture haha. or skipping down it with Jimi...

26. Cleaning. I know, wierd eh? But I do, I like it. My apartment's a mess right now though.. bleh... oh well.

27. Watching people do what God made them to love doing. Whether it be music, teaching, making people laugh, whatever. Their eyes light up, and you can see the excitment and joy building up.

28. Talking until 2 at the Place, while drinking hot chocolate and eating a big breakfast for 3 dollars. that, is exciting.

29. Playing music. By myself, or with other people, especially when my fingers are right. Just got music from the Man from Snowy River.. I love that song.. with out the music the movie would be nothing. Well, ok the horse going down the mountain was pretty amazing I guess ;)

30. Football. playing it I mean. I watch it every once in a while. For about 5 minutes. Then I get frustrated because they only play for about 2 seconds and then they take 3 minutes to line back up. And they get paid a kajillion dollars to push guys around. What do we pay our teachers? yea, yea, sad huh? *stepping down from soap box, and what is that in my eye??? lol*

31. Making cappuccinos in clear glasses. It's all about the fancy layers... how many can you get?

32. Taco Tuesday!! only I'm a vegetarian now.. but someday, I will once again enjoy the taste of 3 tacos for a dollar.

33. Not writing about 50 things I like..

34. Home cooked food. Oh I love it! huh.. it feels like a lot of these have been about food. or maybe I'm just thinking a lot about food. or maybe it's almost-ish thanksgiving.

35. spinning in circles with Kristen on thursday nights after bible study.

36. fingerpainting with erin and konnie... hehe.. messy...

37. naptime! I looove naptime! oh yes...

38. henna. huh.. i think our henna party was supposed to be today.. oops..

39. parades in Williams (can't miss the Dancing Grannies!) with about 50 tractors. going about 2 mph. thrills galore.

40. white water rafting, especially with lots of rafts, water fight! *scary dun dun dunnn music*

41. the ocean. I love watching the ocean. Most places I've been to it have been cold, so I usually just watch it lol. such a girl, I know. I like being warm though. Don't judge me.

42. snowy walks at night, especially when the sky is orange and the clouds are low. It's like being in a snow globe, only better. this year we're going to go swing on the first night it snows.

43. swing dancing with someone who knows how, cause I don't lol.. brad taught us once, but I don't remember half the moves.. The guy is really the one who needs to know them though.

44. being almost done with this post.....

45. grilled cheese sandwiches made with an iron.

46. roller coasters.

47. lilacs, they're my favorite.

48. long drives

49. uhhhhh

50. the One who sees me! :)

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