Thursday, October 26, 2006

life this week...

Well, thought I'd give you an update mother... since you never do anymore. cough.

I have been worn out, falling back to my sleepaholic tendencies, and then realized I hadn't been taking vitamins in a few days. Problem 1 solved. I also have (had) been quite worn out mentally/spiritually. Then I realized I hadn't been getting my time with the One who sees me (I decided that's my favorite name for Him, given by Hagar btw...) and so probelm 2 solved (He gave me a shooting star too). And problem 3 is still in the works. Or maybe it's solved.. In any case, my financial aid kinda disappeared when I went looking for it, and so I will either take next semester off as well, take online classes from some other school, or God will have my fin aid magically reappear. The soltion to all this seems to be patience and stillness. When I'm worrying I cannot still my mind. I've had more than one person tell me I overanalyze things, and I've come to agree. So, the One who sees me, sees my life, and knows how to make things right. I just have to trust. Words make things sound so simple, don't they?

There are much worse things that could happen, yes? Really, this is a blessing. I get to see the One who sees me take control, and I like watching Him work. I could be starving to death in some dark pit of hell somewhere. Not literal hell of course.. you know what I mean. And if I have to leave Flag to finish my degree, so be it. As much as I'd hate to leave, we must do what we must, yes? I'm sure God is in other places too. Now if I can only find a place with good chai, I'm set. well, I wouldn't mind some mountains and trees as well. I feel like I'm making out a list for Santa Claus or something. lol. Ok, well it's time for work. (I'm getting to know some of the customers now, which makes me so excited. God is good!) may your day be filled with blessings from the One who sees You!

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