Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mr. Time, sir, please wait for me!

Time has been altogether elusive lately. I am finding it hard to catch a minute, just to catch up you know, grab some coffee.. Actually, this year hasn't been so bad. I mean, yes Time is running away faster than ever, but I have had a good autumn-time. I actually made it to Oak Creek, Lockett Meadow, Young's Farm, and a new discovery, the courthouse in Prescott where I spent a lovely sunday reading a book and people watching while drinking a latte that was not too shabby. Yes, it was a good Fall. Let's make TIme give us everything he's got eh? Dancing under the stars, twirling my sister, watching the sunrise because I can, smelling the crunchy colorful leaves!

I think one of the secrets to remembering life as more than just a blur of activities and "things to do" is to make yourself sit down and stop at least once a day.

I enjoyed a beautiful sunset on Friday night when I should've been cleaning dishes lol.. (Well, I wasn't actually supposed to be doing dishes yet, but I usually start them at that time) It made my day so much more day-ish and less whatjusthappenedandisitalreadytimetosleep-ish. the One who sees me has spent time trying to make things here on earth so that we can enjoy some of his beauty.

I was thinking, watching that sunset, what beautiful thoughts our Lord must have. And then I thought, well we are his thoughts too, and how much more time did he spend on us?

I want to see the beauty of His mind, I can't understand how so much can be in One. How much Joy, happiness, grace and justice, pain and longing yet being everything there is.. and none of it contradicting, but all of it so intense! I think my emotions are intense sometimes, but they are nothing by comparison.

So tomorrow, I am leaving in the morning to drive back up to the mountains... my other home. My family is my real home, but the mountains can be one of my homes too. if that makes sense (and, well, even if it doesn't. it is my blog after all.) And I am going to enjoy it. I am going to get some coffee (with caffeine lol.. my dad made decaf without telling us this morning. thus my headache.) and I am going to drive in silence or some good praise music, probably both, and i am going to have the windows down, and I am going to have a sunday. Then hopefully, i am going to share some stuff about Jesus and other cultures he made with some kids. good night all. May the Lord (the Lord! the Holy One!) bless you, and KEEP you, and may he cause His Face to SHINE upon you! all the days of your life.

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