Friday, October 13, 2006

Under the Stars

Tonight was good. Actually, today was good. Stress came off, I was alive, and God is good yes?

After BSM (CC...) tonight we all went up on the mountain to view the stars in all their glory. I say all, but I don't actually know who was there, being as it was quite dark, but there must've been like 20 people. We lay on the ground in the meadow in front of the lodge at Snowbowl. It was wordless... Oh the mysteries of the stars!! Oh what things they tell from ages past as well as what is now.. Things about God, His promises to Abraham.. Abraham! What a real flesh and blood man from thousands of years past! What a wonderful thing to see the fulfillment of a promise made so long ago.

We played sardines.. well sort of.. Kristen (here is a tangent.. Kristen is becming one of my favorite people. The best way to describe her is to say she is a child of God. She managed not to lose the wonder and enchantment of a child when she grew up. She dances when she talks.. end of tangent) took my arm and we went to hide. In the dark, but it wasn't real dark.. and we found a place to sit down and wait, and she told me what God looks like. She said she asked Him, and this is what He told her (and somehow I completely believe her). God's eyes are like the stars, happy and beautiful. His voice is the wind, loud and soft, playful and fierce. I am going to add my own now.. His heart is in his book, and more so in His people. His laugh, that is in the sun and the leaves! Because those things bring me indescribable God-joy. So do people, but mostly children. Maybe their innocence is more godly than our knowledge (like adam and eve).

So as more people found us we had fun together with God. We weren't all talking about God, but we were thinking of Him. We were playing with Him.. How can you not? I can understand why people become hippies when I enjoy the beauty of creation like that. They want to be part of something that is always beautiful (aesthetic if you will), but they don't nderstand that what they want to be part of is God. how sad.. Sometimes I don't understand that either. But I do understand that God is so very real, and I love Him so very much.

Good night all. Take some time to play with God, it does the heart good..

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