Saturday, November 18, 2006

day off

My day off, and what am I doing?? After all the wishing for time to go hiking, to be outside, to be ding something?? I am inside watching a movie and being absolutely lazy. that, is sickening, and so I'm going to go run for little while at least. A least my morning wasn't quite so lame. I hung out at the coffee house for a little while and got to talk to one of the regular saturday-morning-ers. he's an amazing old man who loves the Lord, and I got to hear some stories and encouraging words. what better way to spend a morning than that? :). I actually go there when I can, on saturday mornings cause I know there'll be great conversations to listen to lol.

Can you imagine tears on the face of Joy? Or heartache in the heart of Love? It struck me while talking about something or other that's going on in the world.. How unbelievable. How indescribable, the love of God, the things He knows and sees at every moment! that's my revelation of the week.

well I'm off before the sun sets! Happy thanksgiving week!!

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