Monday, November 20, 2006

Santa stories

I have two santa stories for you all tonight. (And I just saw the Messiah, and no not THE Messiah.. you know, the halelujah halejuah lalala one... and my Smith family is putting up christmas decorations... and I went in the christmasy section at the store.. and, well, what would you do? I just had to put on christmas music! I had no choice in the matter. I tried, really I did, to keep this week consecrated to Thanksgiving, and really I have done a good job so far, considering.... I have come to the conclusion that I am way too thankful for Christmas not to celebrate it this week. so now!) (I have also come to realize that I may love parentheses as much as the author of the Princess Bride...)

Santa story number 1: ahem* I was at the Place with a bunch of people (just so you can picture this *mom*, there were at least 20 of us...) There was an old man sitting at a table there who really looked just like Santa Claus. He had the fluffy white beard, spectacles, everything! After we were done (I left at this point due to reallyreally cold weather), one of my friends decided he wanted of picture of aforementioned Santa, and so devised a plan. (this is the part where you begin to feel intense suspense.) She had another guy standing by the door to pose for her as she took a picture of him. Or so she wanted Santa to believe. So when Santa came out the door, she was ready for him. Well folks, Santa is a smart kid.. He saw through her plot, but being a jolly old fella, he kindly asked her if she would like a picture with Santa Claus. (more suspense) He goes to his car (a clever decoy, who would suspect a santa in a car?) and pulls out his red santa claus suit. yes.. it is true... but there is even more.. After the unsuspecting girl takes the picture, she looks at her camera to see that it is broken! All there is to see on the screen are red and green lines...

True story.

Santa story number 2: I was reading the news online the other night and came across a story on the mysterious Secret Santa. Apparently this little old man has been giving away money since 1979. It started off with $20 for a sad looking waitress, and turned into hundred dollar bills for people who looked like they needed it. This Secret Santa has given away over a million dollars! Isn't that incredible? I love it. How beautiful..

When I got to work this morning I found our that the new receptionist, Stephanie, had been killed in a car accident. It's unbelievable.. Death never seems so real as when it comes to someone you didn't expect it to hit. Pray that the people I work with there will be thinking about this, and searching for the Savior. Pray that I will be a light that they can see, so when they have questions they know they can ask me. Pray for wisdom, and that I will be serving the Lord in the place He has put me.

Good night all.

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