Saturday, December 16, 2006

in the news

I was listening to the news on the radio at work the other day, the world news that is, and heard a few interesting things...

First interesting thing-- a reporter in Iraq was talking to voters and this is what they found out. The poor, uneducated part of Iraq did vote, but, it was mostly out of a sense of religous duty. they were told that voting is a religous duty, and so vote they did, however they really did not care who they were voting for.. The educated part of Iraq refused to vote at all. Why? Because they cannot endorse the system, the Americanization. The same thing happened in Iran. America took it upon themselves to go into a country and place the people they (we, that is) felt to be right for the people (of whom we knew nothing about). Interesting, yes? I have decided I don't think going to war was the right decision, for a few different reasons, however I also feel that since we are there, we cannot possibly pull out (right away) without causing the people major damage. Feel free to disagree with me, but first go learn about what happened in Iran. and this doesn't mean I'm anti Bush, exactly.

Second interesting thing. Apparently the Chinese people are much too good at saving their money, so America (for the better good of China, of course..) is trying to influence them to spend more money (this has nothing whatsoever to do with America.. the fact that we are influencing them to spend it on American products is a mere coincidence...) Of course, there is much more to it, but being the sort of person who hasn't much clue to how economy runs, this is what I pulled from the story. (And you're thinking, well maybe she shouldn't be critiqing it then.. and well, maybe i shouldn't.) On a more positive note, they also stated that Americans need to save more and spend less.

I find it funny that loan stores and Starbucks are on every corner. random comment.

In the paper there was a picture of a large crowd watching a line of women being paraded down the street (in another country). The women were all wearing large white shirts and black pants, and what looked like the masks doctors will wear. They had flung their hair forward to cover what part of their face the masks did not. The women were also attended by police officers. Some of the officers were serious, eyes straight ahead. Others were joking and laughing amongst themselves. The article on the picture said they were women suspected of being prostitutes. They were paraded down the street in front of this very large, curious crowd, and then thrown into prison. without a trial.

Last thing from the news for tonight.. A single line, slightly larger than the others, which read, "REMEMBER THE NEEDIEST". So, who are the neediest? Is it the oppressed (by America, by religion, or by their own government) of the Middle East? Or the poor in our own country trying to keep up with the neighbors? Is it the shamed, abandoned prostitute being mocked and jeered by thousands? Or could it be a hollywood icon, empty (in spirit and in stomach..) and lonely? The starving, empty eyed infant in a gutter, or a grandfather in a nursing home- clinging to days when the end was not in sight?
How and why do we decide who needs God most? Or do we (I mean I) decide who needs him least because we see from a material point of view, and not a spiritual one? It is not only the poor who are needy.

And I hope my war comments were not offensive. I do not want to offend, at least politically, as that seems to be more of a matter of personal conviction rather than biblical absolute right and wrong. At least, from what I see. Well, God bless, and Merry Christmas! what a nice blog for the season yes? lol.. but really, do enjoy the beauty and joy of the holiday!

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