Friday, December 22, 2006

questioning politics again

In my last post I entered the forbidden realm of politics. Since then, I learned (with help) that there is really no use in saying things against politics/politicians/the war unless you plan to do something about it. Words that are not backed up in actions are empty (believe it or not).

However, is it possible to vote according to God, when it seems that every choice is an evil? Take the last election. Conservatives didn't like the Democrats' "moral" positions, however liberals didn't like the Republicans' economy positions because the poor are not being helped in the way they could be. Which was right? I've read christian leaders who say it's just a choice between two evils and we have to choose the "lesser" evil. Is that right?

OR, could it be that we are forcing our convictions onto other people? I understand that it effects more than just one person when someone sins, however, does God want us to be pushing our morals onto nonchristians? I found a blog that voiced a few things I'd been wondering about myself. the Dialogical Coffeehouse

Let me know what you think.

As an update, it was in the news yesterday that the US is giving Sudan til the end of the year to allow the UN to help them, or else. Or else what? Well, there were no absolute specifics, but there were words to the effect a visit from up to 10,000 American soldiers to Sudan.

I also found this picture online.....

These are the Lost Boys I've written about before. They are now living Kakuma, a refugee camp, along with over 200,000 refugees from Sudan, Chad, and Ethiopia. In the picture they are looking for ants to eat. They walked across Sudan almmost 2 times before landing in Kakuma. There were about 12,000 of them. And that is Sudan.

This isn't meant to cause a guilt trip, it being Christmastime. Enjoy God's blessings, but don't be so immersed in them that you can't see past them. Remember to keep the suffering of these African countries in your prayers.

Merry Christmas, enjoy the answer to God's age old promise to Israel.

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