Sunday, May 27, 2007

Painting and reading

I picked up Daniel Deronda (George Eliot) again today. I started it a few months ago but didn't get very far cause of school. You have to kinda endure the beginning, but once you're past that it's very good. It always amazes me, reading older books, that the authors make so many references to other works, as if it were common knowledge. They are so steeped in classical literature, music, historical persons, and even the opera that it appears in their writing constantly. I like the Barnes and Nobles books for the end notes explaining all the references I wouldn't have gotten myself.

We repainted the coffee shop, it looks soo much better now! It's an earthy green and brown, and a guy we know who paints murals did a tree for us for free. It looks fantastic, kinda Tim Burton-ish. I will post pics soon. We started around 9 on saturday night and finished the main painting around 4 am, then went back today to finish cleaning and touch-ups.

One of the regulars (I think I've mentioned him before, the one from NJ..) came by after we'd just started and he hung out with us for a while showing us how to paint correctly and eating some of our "easter" dinner with us (it was going to be a thanksgiving dinner, but the stores weren't caryying turkeys, so we had ham instead). It is so awesome to be able to feel like friends with the people we get to know there.

A guy I work with there has an idea to start a community garden in the back of the building for the kids in the neighborhood. That, would be incredible. Our shop is in the poor part of town, and there's not much there for the community. It would be great to get to know some kids around there.

I think we're going down to the creek tomorrow (no work!!). Hope it's not crowded. Good weekend.

By the way, and friend of mine is engaged to a guy from Delaware who was in an accident and is currently in a coma. Please by praying for both of them!

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