Friday, May 18, 2007

Seven things

I'm back. I was tagged. (No, not with spray paint. That'd be interesting.) For a blog... I think it's 7 things I've learned? That's what I remember it being, so that's what I'm going to write. May take some thinking....

1. I need people. It's not healthy to be alone, God made us to be around people, to have community and fellowship. Not just to be around people though, to be known and to know them. That, is fellowship, and that can be scary. But more usually it's good. I'm trying to be known more than I have allowed myself to be before (that sounds kinda funny). You might say this blog is a part of that.

2. I have come to know more aspects of God's love and his heart for the hurting and oppressed. I've learned that it is not only the poor who are needy, and that the rich are often more so however they tend to be more closed off to love (at least that of God). Also, I'm learning that Love means justice as well as grace. While that may seem obvious and positive in a way, it's hard to understand sometimes. But, it would not be love if it were not so.

3. Life is easier if you're not out to prove anything. (That one seems fairly self-explanatory)

4. Collaging is a great way to see your life from a different perspective. Try it.

5. People who change the world aren't afraid to love, to care, or to do small things.

6. Everyone needs a listening ear more than an answer, and most likely they already have the latter and lack the first.

7. Your nose and ears never stop growing.

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crickl's nest said...

I liked it!

Except the ears and nose part...that is scary weird!

I love you! Sorry I didn't call you back yet. Maybe I'll try when we get home from church tonight...Momentummmmmmm...Conquer! (sounds interesting hmm? Dad is preaching from a perch on a rock wall they built! lol)