Monday, August 20, 2007



Not Phoenix, never Phoenix, I can't move to Phoenix! Please don't make me do it. My friend told me to read the story of Jonah. Fitting.

I have a chance to work for a children services organization. In Phoenix. (Why me?)

Ok, good reasons to move to Phoenix:
1. ASU has one of the nest Social Work programs in the country.
2. This job is in my field (ish.. it's a receptionist/secretary position).
3. My family lives there.

Good reasons NOT to move to Phoenix:
1. It's Phoenix.
2. I love Flagstaff. i love mountains and trees and cool weather and good coffee and frisbee and hiking and places I can go to be alone outside and music.
3. My churches. I love them. (I go to 3 now..)
4. My friends. They're wonderful.
5. My house. I'm used to being on my own now. It would be hard to move back home, for me and for my parents. And for Beth who would have to share a room with me.

Ok, being reasonable. There are good churches in Phoenix. There are not good mountains in Phoenix. I may like the people i meet there, but I will not enjoy the place. There is no comparing. I am not being negative (ok, maybe a little), I simply do not like the desert (fine. I live in a desert too. I mean the normal desert with cacti and sand and no trees to be seen).

So, I did not read the story of Jonah. I know it already. Besides, Jonah still didn't like Ninevah after he left. Not a happy ending. I'd rather not have to compare myself with Jonah.

I'll move if everything works out to where I know God wants me to. And I'll try not to have a bad attitude, because that never helped anything. The thought of it, at this point, is rather depressing though.

I don't want to leave.

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joannmski said...

Hi there! Well, you don't know me from Adam, I am a friend of your mom's...but since I am an old lady, can I chime in on this? I am sort of in the business of helping people change jobs and make those decisions.

If you have a financial reason to move to Phoenix, do it.

If you are OK, I would remain where you are. You can always take that job later. And other jobs will come up too. I'd enjoy your college life and years where you want.