Saturday, September 01, 2007


I did it, 13 inches off!

I like it a lot, it's much lighter now...

The sky is huge and clear blue right now.. It looks like the beginning of Fall :). I bought some apple cider the other day from a couple guys on the side o the road in Oak Creek and it was like heaven in a glass. They told us that they sell it at the local farmer's market that meets on Beaver on Sunday mornings, but when we looked for them they weren't there. We did, however, find a sweet new store across the street. It's a colorful, funky artist studio/shop that sells everything from tall drippy candles and paintings to old television sets and records.

Today should be a quiet day (I'm at work). It's Labor day weekend, and everyone's at the fair or the creek.

All of the students are back (college town). Campus is its own little world when school's in. The tea house was packed on monday night, somewhat different crowd than you might see there in the summer. The college kids bring a different vibe to the hippi community that congregates there. Funny thing, the crowd at Macy's and the crowd at the tea house are kinda different, though I would've grouped them together. The tea house seems more upper class, which is funny, because I wouldn't have said that hippis could be upper class. They are though. My friend calls them "neo-hippis".

They don't talk much about love anymore. They mostly rant against society, normalcy, "the Man"... like the emo kids, but without the girl jeans and eye liner. These kids don't really want to change the world, they just want to complain about it. Kinda sad.

I know, look who's talking huh?

Oh man, my roommate got a couple of seasons of 24... I started watching them last night and couldn't stop. what happened to those happy tv sitcoms that were always resolved at the end of the show?

Well, I am going to enjoy the quiet, pretty day. And mop. Blessings.

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crickl's nest said...


I shall make you shake your head over and over when I see you. =) Did any of the 'hippis' even recognize you?? {{{hugs}}}

Maggie's party was fun....many people here. Glad I had enough food. The store-bought huge layer cake is gone except for a small piece i saved for her to have today.

And Mags and I are sick with colds. =( Hope you have a good weekend.