Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today I put on some Rich Mullins while I cleaned a little and played that song.. the Prairie Calling out Your Name one, and it made feel like I used to when I was little. Iremember when our family'd drive somewhere through plains, I'd want to run and run and run and never be tired, just for the sheer joy of it. There's a Cheri Keagy? song that always made me feel that way, the one that goes 'If I stand, with my face to the wind, with the storm beating down on this sacred ground I will not stand alone' or something like that. I'm sure I got the words wrong.

I love that feeling of joy that makes you want to do something like that. For me, it's running and never stopping and laughing and yelling because the joy is overwhelming. I used to (still am) be jealous of Lucy and Susan in the Chronicles of Narnia, because they got to do that with Aslan. Someday...

I went to the Vineyard this Sunday. It was the one of the best church "services" I've ever been in. Instead of a sermon, there were three options. Some people went out on San Fransisco and gave out water bottles. Others went out in the community around the church and cleaned up trash, and others stayed and prayed for the community. I felt like I ought to stay, and I'm so glad I did. The prayer was so.. Spirit filled. It was so powerful, and so, so good and encouraging to hear these people cry out for their city.

It is a good thing to show people who Jesus is. And it is a good thing to be love.

On Saturday mornings there is an old man (80's) who has a prayer ministry at NewSong. His name is Jack. It is my favorite part about the coffee shop, to sit and listen to Jack tell stories (and he's got 'em) about God in his life, and bits of wisdom he's learned. He kept me company (pretty much told me stories non-stop) for like 2 hours straight this weekend. He talks most of the power of prayer, and being with God.

It is a good thing to love God.


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crickl's nest said...

That is a Susan Ashton song, not Cheri Keaggy. =)

The church 'service' sounds cool....it really was a 'service' wasn't it?

What find ye out about the school position??