Monday, February 11, 2008


Just spent a long weekend in phoenix and I feel I am sufficiently sunburned :). Arizona is really a nice place to live. So diverse. For instance, I can drive 15 minutes and be surrounded by red rocks and creeks and a 10ish degree temp difference. I could drive 1 1/2 hours and be in a desert of cacti and millions of people and a 20+ temp difference, enjoy the warmth and pretend it's summer. Then I can come back home to mountains and pines and snow. Or an hour drive will bring me to a little artist commune built on the side of a hill with live music in the streets and abandoned mines around the corner.

From hippi to western to granola to business within 2 hours of one another. I like it.

So I got my sunshine fix for the next few weeks or so. And went to a pirate party. And remembered why I chose not to become a younglife leader. lol....

So I'm back in the cold.. although it's really not that bad honestly. Well... bed time for me. I'm going to try to start going to the early yoga class, but we'll see how I decide when my alarm goes off.... peace

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