Wednesday, February 13, 2008

getting things done.

Well, I got my taxes done (woohoo!). And, I got in touch with someone about a job opportunity working with CPS transporting families. And, they offer tuition reimbursement to Social Work majors. That would be AMAZING.

I'm so ready to be in a different job or doing something different.

I am having my single friends (the number of which has drastically decreased the last couple of weeks. It's wierd how many people just started dating. Something's in the water...) over for dinner tomorrow night, I'm going to make a curry dish. My house is a mess, I have to go grocery shopping, and make the food and I have to work all day tomorrow so I think there's a good chance something's going to go wrong but hey, I have a new philosophy. If it's not going to matter in 10 years, don worry about it.

So, what goes good with curry?


crickl's nest said...

Jasmine rice.....very nice.

You should ask Michelle cuz I don't eat curry. (although I did once, made by Simon from church)

Hope it's fun!

joannmski said...

Oh. Sorry I am late to this post. I would suggest white (sticky) rice. And maybe a salad.